About Us

Discover Therapy was established with the aim of providing effective therapy with a strong focus on ethics, client care and integrity.

We understand that maintaining good health means taking care of both your physical and emotional needs. Therefore, after qualifying in their respective fields Kate and John founded Discover Therapy to offer support in both these areas.

We are based in Nottingham with established clinics in Carlton and West Bridgford. We understand the demands of a hectic schedule and therefore we offer evening appointments to all our clients.


Counselling can be difficult and taking the first step can seem daunting.

As a Person Centred therapist I will offer you the space to explore any thoughts, feelings or experiences you may be finding difficult.

I will not offer you advice or tell you what to do. I will listen without judgement and will try to understand your experience from your point of view.

My aim is to build a therapeutic relationship with you that is built on mutual respect, trust and empathy. By offering reflections and support my hope is to help you achieve increased self awareness and understanding.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy involves working with the soft tissues of the body to improve mobility, reduce pain and promote healing.

There is a focus on identifying the reasons behind any musculoskeletal condition so that together, we can work towards long term improvement rather than just short term relief from pain.

You don’t need to be an athlete or professional sports person to benefit from this kind of massage. Long hours spent in static positions such as sitting or having to perform contorted or extreme positions for extended periods of time all have the capacity to create issues with the musculature and soft tissues of the body.

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